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(canceled by pandemic)

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1995, Ljubljana Fotofest, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Group, Jure Breceljnik (Curator)


2021-2022 DAB Art "Art in the Time of Corona" ® - Ventura, California - DAB Art (Jury Panel) 

"Almighty Light" 

2021 A. Smith Gallery “Chairs” - Johnson City, Texas - Kevin Tully (Juror)

“Chair for One, Table for Two

2021 Visual Arts Scotland "Winter Exhibition" Juried Show - Edinburgh, Scotland - "Ceasar's Light", "Scalped Scape", "Retired Garden"

2020/21 Yellowstone Museum, Billings, Montana, (Panel Jury, Carolyn Tolton- Event Coordinator)

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2020, Charles W. and Norma C. Carroll Gallery of Contemporary Art, Marshall Univ., Huntington, WV - “9th Annual National, Juried Exhibition” - Chlöe Courtney McDermott (Juror), Dallas Museum of Art

2020, Cultural Arts Gallery, UNC- Wilmington, “The Self - Portrait” Billy-Gray Weatherly (Director)

2019, Agitator Gallery, Chicago, ILL, “Hard to Kill: Survivor’s Exhibition” - Danielle Owensby (Curator), "Manifest Rites Project"

2019, The Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, VT, “Trees: Life in the Slow Lane”, Kat Kiernan (Juror), Editor-in-Chief - Don’t Take Pictures , Former Exhibition Director, Panopticon Gallery - Boston

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2004, Oculus- Univ. of New Mexico , Albuquerque, NM, Julie Anand (Director)

2004, Oculus- Spark Gallery , Syracuse, NY, Staff (Curators)


2020 Director's Award - A. Smith Gallery - Johnson City, Texas - "Chairs" Group Exhibit

2020 9th Annual Juried Exhibit - Marshall Univ., WV First Place

2010 Black and White Magazine - Merit Award

2006 Juror’s Award- 2nd Place – Artability, Philadelphia, PA,

2004 Juror's Award - Perkins Art Center, Moorestown, NJ

2004 Honorable Mention - Anonymous Committee - Cone Edition Studios, E. Topsham, VT

1997 “Best of Show” - J. Miles Wolf, Images Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.


2021-2022 WMU Climate Change Mini-Grant

2019 PPPE Fund

2018 Faculty Research Travel Fund

2019 Faculty Research Travel Fund

2018 International Educational Faculty Development Fund


2016 FSRCAPP Sustainability Grant WMU/Milton Ratner Foundation

2014 Faculty Research Travel Fund

2014 International Educational Faculty Development Fund

2012 International Educational Faculty Development Fund

2013 Visiting Scholars/Artists Grant Visiting Scholars and Artists Program WMU

2012 $25,000 CFA 2013 Fellowship

2012 Institute Superieures des Arts - Paris, France

2012 Artist Residency Stipend Australian Federal Arts Funding Body, Orange, Australia

2010 International Educational Faculty Development Fund

2010 Individual Artist Grant Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo

2010 Torre Pujales Grant Torre Pujales Foundation- Madrid

2009 Ragdale Residency Fellowship Ragdale Foundation - Lake Forest, Ill.


Mr. Igor Manko – Kharkiv, Ukraine 

Mr. Pavel Makov – Kharkiv, Ukraine

Dr. Gerald Silk - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Mr. Matthew Kunkleman- Asheville, North Carolina

Mr. Brian Macconnell - Cincinnati, Ohio 

Mr. Christian and Mrs. Rose Naberhaus – Fort Thomas, Ky. 

Lisa and Paul Mulvaneyi- Mariemont., Ohio 

Melissa Morelli- Cincinnati, Ohio

Suzanna Terrill- Cincinnati, Ohio 

Ms. Rajir Narda - Newton, Massachusetts

Mr. Mike & Mrs. Anna Naberhaus- Cincinnati, Ohio 

Ms. Barbara Ann Voekel- Mason, Ohio

Mr. David G. Smith- Cincinnati, Ohio 

Ms. Linda Hanselman & Mr. Britt Probst – Denver, Colorado

Mr. Dick & Mrs. Barbara Males – Cincinnati, Ohio 

Ms. Andrea Millette – Huston, Texas

Ms Ginger Sheridan – Jacksonville, Florida 

Ms. G. Ilsa – Madrid, Spain 

Mr. Ricardo Guitierriez Goni – Madrid, Spain 

Ms. Emily Selk – Chicago, Illinois 

Anonymous Aeqai Auction Purchase at Cincinnati Art Galleries


2014 CentroSelva, Pucallpa/Lima, Peru

2012 Institut d’Etudes, Paris, France

2010 Torre Pujales Museum, Corme, Galicia Spain

2009 Ragdale, Lake Forest, Illinois USA


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2021 Aeqai (October 2021) -

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2019 SECAC (Southeastern College Art Conference, Chattanooga, Tennessee

“No Dark in Sight: Light and The Night It Transforms”

2018 Society of Photographic Education (Northeast) New Paltz, New York

“Present Tense: Best Sustainable Practices in Photography”

2014 Spanish Cultural Center Presentation (work presented by proxy) Lima, Peru

“Time, Will, Tell: Peruvian CentroSelva Residency Experience”

2011 SPE - Society of Photographic Education (National Conference) Atlanta, Georgia

“Palimpsests: Muse as Directed”

2009 SECAC (Southeastern College Art Conference) Mobile, Alabama

“Codes, Ciphers, & Clues: The Palimpsest Series”

2009 ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association) Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

"The Language of Genocide: Downwind from Ritual, Cowardice,

and Ignorance”

2007 IdmaA (International Digital Media Arts Association) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Data as Art: Text and Color as Message”

2005 Pixels and Propaganda - Society of Photographic Education St. Louis, Missouri

“Amazing Disgrace: The United States and America”

2005 Third Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities Honolulu, Hawaii

"Why Digital Photography Never Happened"



“Sustainability in Art”


“No Dark in Sight”


"Night: Is This a Good Time"

“2019 PHOTO KIEV - Kiev, Ukraine

“No Dark in Sight”

2019 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - College Park, Maryland

“No Dark in Sight: Night in Crisis”

2019 RA DEL REY - Madrid, Spain

“No Dark in Sight: Light and the Night it Transforms”

2019 PIERCE CEDAR CREEK INSTITUTE - Hastings, Michigan

“No Dark in Sight: Fake Light is Unreal”

2019 WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY - Frostic School of Art - Kalamazoo, Michigan

“No Dark in Sight: Light and the Night it Transforms”

2019 KALAMAZOO INSTITUTE OF ARTS - Kalamazoo, Michigan

“No Dark in Sight: Light and the Night it Transforms”

2014 EDUARDO MESA SARRAVIA - Pucallpa, Peru

“Time, Will, Tell” (El Tiempo nos dira´)

2012 VISIONARIES AND VOICES - Cincinnati, Ohio

“AARTS Project” (Autism and Art- Research, Teaching, and Service)

2012 FOTOFOCUS - Cincinnati, Ohio

“A Spectrum of One: Autism and Visual Art”

2012 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON - Dayton, Ohio

“Intersections: Palimpsests, Cave Art, and Autism”


“Intersections: Palimpsests, Cave Art, and Autism”

2012 KRASL ART CENTER - St. Joseph, Michigan

“Creativity and Sustainability” (Krasl Art Center 

2012 Lecture Series)

2009 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY - Jacksonville, Florida

“Art: The Case for Trilateral Co-equivalents”


“Impressions, Expressions, Professions: Confessions of an American Gypsy”


“Palimpsest Series. Artifice and Identity Fusion in Electronic Media”

(conjoined with solo exhibit)

2004 ARCADIA UNIVERSITY - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Manifest Rites and Light Over Time" & "Oculus Photographic Arts Group"

2004 ROGER WILLIAMS COLLEGE - Providence, Rhode Island

"Manifest Rites"

2003 MAIN LINE ARTS CENTER - Haverford, Pennsylvania

"Individual Artist Series"



“Sustainable Film Development: Caffenol and beyond”

2019/20 Photo Kyiv “Night and Low Light Photography” Kiev, Ukraine

Location and site-specific photography for emerging artists.

2014 CEBE #1 Rvdo. Padre Santiago Castro School “Autism and Visual Art” Pucallpa, Peru

Certified 14 Peruvian educators in an autism and visual art workshop.

2013 MYAF (Michigan Youth Arts Festival) “Earthwide Web” Kalamazoo, Michigan

Digital Imaging workshop using statistical data to make visible cultural identity.

2012 Linden Grove School “Autism and Visual Art” Cincinnati, Ohio

Multi-day “Exceptional Student” workshops exploring entoptic art, drawing from memory, overhead mapping, abstraction and the

skillsets of cognitively capable and impaired autistic students.

2012 V+V (Visionaries and Voices) “Palimpsests: Muse as Directed” Cincinnati, Ohio

Multi-day workshops exploring large scale chalkboard drawing and

the skillsets of cognitively capable and impaired students.

2012 MYAF (Michigan Youth Arts Festival) “Human User Fusion Project” Kalamazoo, Michigan

Digital Imaging workshop using statistical data to make visible cultural identity.

2011 Orange Regional Gallery “Palimpsests” Orange, Australia

Multi-day “Exceptional Student” workshops exploring mark-making and the

skillsets of cognitively capable and impaired autistic students.

2011 Croyden Avenue School “Autism and Visual Art” Kalamazoo, Michigan

Multi-day “Exceptional Student” workshops exploring entoptic art, drawing from memory, overhead mapping, abstraction and the

skillsets of cognitively capable and impaired autistic students.

2010 KRESA “Palimpsests” Kalamazoo, Michigan

Multi-day “Exceptional Student” workshops exploring mark-making and the

skillsets of cognitively capable and impaired autistic students.

2009 Jacksonville University “DotCon: The Human User Fusion Project” Jacksonville, Florida

One-day workshop covering the entry-level work of New Media and the (un)natural assets of its theory and practice.

2008 The International House “Artifice and Identity Fusion in Electronic Media” Kharkiv, Ukraine. Master class on contemporaneous and historical natures of silver, pixel, and ink. 

(Interpreter: I. Manko, Linguist and International House Director)

2007 Berrien County ISD “Teaching Near Technology” Berrien Springs, Michigan

One-day workshop presenting the promise, legacy, and practical opportunities

of the computer to the studio artist and teacher.

2007 Photo-Thon “Human User Fusion Project” Cincinnati, Ohio

Three-day Digital Imaging and bookmaking project studying the visual and statistical data of cultural identity.”

2006 Photo-Thon “Piezography” Cincinnati, Ohio

Two-day workshop on ink jet printing for artists working in silver

and ink media.

2004 Main Line Arts Center "Making the Digital Transition Haverford, Pennsylvania

A one-day workshop for the film photographer who wants to work digitally.


2013 Dean’s Honor Roll in Teaching Excellence Associate Professor Kalamazoo, MI.

2010 Dean’s Honor Roll in Teaching Excellence Assistant Professor Kalamazoo, MI.

 2007 Rotary Foundation G.S.E. Team Member Selection USA and Korea

2005 Cone Editions Press Photographer of the Month Feature E. Topsham, VT.

2005 Faculty Development Fund Western Michigan University Teaching/Learning Ctr. Kalamazoo, Mi.

2003 Tyler School of Art Teaching Assistantship and Tuition Remission Philadelphia, Pa.

2002 Anonymous Nomination Young and Talented Under 35 Cincinnati, Ohio

2002 Tyler School of Art Technical Assistantship and Tuition Remission Philadelphia, Pa.

1999 CKSCP Adjudication Committee Cincinnati/Kharkiv Sister City Group Kharkiv, Ukraine Exhibit and Exchange Delegate (with support from the Ohio Arts Council)


2021 Lowell Art Center Annual All-Media Exhibition Solo Juror 2D and 3D

2016 Westminster (MI.) Earth Speaks Lead Juror 2d and 3D

2015 Krasl Art Center Art on the Bluff Juror 2D and 3D

2014 Frostic School of Art Re:Solution Juror 2D and 3D

2013 Frostic School of Art Spare Change: The Art of Climate Director/Juror 2D and 3D

2011 South Haven Center Member’s Annual Show: All for The Arts 2D Juror

2009 Jacksonville, Fla. 3byOne Juror/Consultant Photography

2008 iDMAa Ideas Juror Intermedia 

2007 TERI STUDIOS- Cin., Oh “Fruitcake” Juror Photo & Video



2022 College of Sequoias - Artist Talk with Bill Davis - (interviewer - Aimee Rangel)

2021 Buckham Gallery - Interview with the Artist (Interviewer- Michele LeClaire)

2019 CBS Affiliate (WWMT) WMU professor explains Portraiture, (Correspondent - Heidi Paxson)

2019 Stanford University MAHB (Millennium Brittany Ganguly Artist Interview 

MAHB Website Alliance for Humanities in the Biosphere)

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2014 Pucallpa, Peru Noticias Magazine NA Artwork

2014 Pucallpa, Peru Don de Gente Steve Apagueno Artist Interview

2014 Pucallpa, Peru Noticias Pucallpa Steve Apagueno Artist Interview

2014 Kalamazoo, Michigan Morning News/CBS Mandy Jokich Autism and

Visual Art

2014 Kalamazoo, Michigan WMU Exhibit/WMUK Rebecca Thiele Autism and

Visual Art

2013 Kalamazoo, Michigan WMU Exhibit/WMUK Rebecca Thiele Juried Show:

Spare Change

2013 Kalamazoo, Michigan Evening News NA Autism and Visual Art - CBS 

2013 Kalamazoo, Michigan Morning & Evening Cindy Kahlbaum Autism and Visual Art

- CBS 

2007 Kalamazoo, Michigan Monday Night Live Keith Rowe, GSE visits the Korean Peninsula